Jeremiah J. White Jr. - President

For the past 30 years, Jeremiah White has built, restructured, and managed several highly successful businesses and non-profit organizations in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Known for his strategic leadership, interactive style and entrepreneurial determination, Jeremiah’s leadership has made a positive and enduring impact on the quality of living for thousands of citizens residing in low-to-middle-income multicultural communities throughout the region.

Jeremiah began his work in education and youth work in the early 1970s as an African-American history instructor and soccer coach at Solebury private school in Solebury, Pa. He also spent much of his time in Washington D.C.

While in D.C., Jeremiah joined RAP, Inc., where he designed and implemented numerous youth programs, and most notably, established the Chancellor Williams Youth Learning Center. Through the Chancellor Williams Youth Learning Center, Jeremiah directed a team of educators and cultural experts to design its “Color of Man” curriculum, using an interdisciplinary approach to education with a strong emphasis on youth and growth development, values clarification and social learning.

Upon returning to Philadelphia and assuming leadership at the Philadelphia Refugee Services Center, Jeremiah built a strong multicultural youth program, focusing on intercultural learning and science.

In 2004, while chairman of the Osiris Group, Inc., in the University City Science Center, Jeremiah joined several business leaders and educators in creating iPraxis to bring knowledge and skills to urban communities in need. The starting point was bringing STEM (Science. Technology. Engineering. Math) content experts into middle schools to assist students with learning the scientific method through direct engagement and thought-provoking science projects.

A passionate advocate for serving the needs of diverse, low-to-moderate-income communities, Jeremiah has championed many causes involving community engagement, economic development, entrepreneurship, education, health and human services and the life sciences. He demonstrates exceptional talent in cultivating and managing influential alliances with strategic business partners, including community leaders, business executives and elected officials.

Tarence Smith - Program Director
Myesha Brown - Administrative Assistant