Achievement and Outcomes

iPraxis has not only helped me become a better scientist but it has made me feel like a part ofa scientific family.

-8th grader
Belmont Charter School

iPraxis acts as a liaison between the school community and the scientific community.

-Partner Teacher,
Northwood Academy

iPraxis provides a portfolio of STEM volunteer-driven educational services to about 5 public and charter middle schools and 2 other middle schools on a limited basis in Philadelphia for approximately 800 unduplicated 6th, 7th and 8th graders annually. During the school year, a student can take advantage of four or five iPraxis services and therefore receive reinforced learning through multiple interactions.

Our goal is to bring real-world science, engineering, and technology-related subject matter through project-based hands-on activities and presentations to students that would not normally receive it as part of their routine in school science curricular or in out-of-school time activities. We actively support and enrich the school curriculum thereby encouraging students to perform well on important tests and build the confidence to pursue STEM interest and choose STEM-based high schools.

Average Yearly Student Participation :

Programs Students
Mentoring 570
Bio Engineering / Beta Day 639
Science Fair Presentation , Career Fairs , Job Fairs 713
Extended Day, Festivals and Trips 955
iFunction 110


iPraxis Accomplishments from 2013-2021

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