Mission and Objectives

iPraxis' Mission

iPraxis works to inspire middle school aged students in underserved Philadelphia communities to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by connecting them with professional scientists and providing hands-on learning


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We Believe

Science comes to life for youth when they learn by doing - seeing, hearing, feeling, and experiencing science inside and outside of their classrooms.

It’s not always what you know, but who you know. Mentoring and networking opportunities are critical lessons for students on how to interact with professionals and learn tips for getting ahead in science and technology.

Science fairs are a great forum for youth to learn the scientific method, experience teamwork, demonstrate what they’ve learned and to be recognized for their success.

Teachers are at their best when they are given support and offered professional development opportunities to stay abreast of real world science developments. To be effective, they need to be at the top of their game.

Philadelphia is a go-to region for new business formation in science and technology. Sharing knowledge about and providing access to science and technology offers residents new insights into how to address the challenges confronting their communities.


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What is "iPraxis"?

i = Innovation, Imagination, and Industrialness.

Praxis ('prak-sis) = The act of putting theory into practice, the application of knowledge or skills.



Commitment & Vision

Our commitment to STEM education is the foundation of our programs and initiatives. We believe all youth, regardless of background, should learn how to investigate, problem solve, and create by putting their ideas into action. iPraxis brings together experts and students to explore how STEM is fundamental to everyday living and our future well-being -- from protecting the environment to curing illnesses.

Our vision is to change the complexion of STEM fields by making them more inclusive of all segments of society. Innovation for all! It's what we believe in, it's what we aspire to, and it's what we work for.

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Core Values

Relationships: Building bonds that encourage life long learning. Linking students, teachers, Scienteers, parents, and others in relationships that promote growth and development. iPraxis teaches students the value and meaning of (long-term) relationships!

Fun: STEM and scientific exploration is disciplined work and can be a lot of fun! iPraxis gives students the opportunities to be creative, have fun and become open to learning.

Transformation: Opening up to possibilities can transform lives. iPraxis transforms students into active and enthusiastic learners and gives Scienteers the opportunity to explore why giving back is as important to them as it is to the student.